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Penny Lane's Legacy
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Miss Penny Lane was the Wenzel family's very first dog.  She spent 12 years spreading joy to us all and everyone she met.  In those 12 years she also stole more loaves of bread, sticks of butter, pizza slices, cheeseballs and unattended to-go boxes than it is possible to count.  Unfortunately, her beautiful, golden body had enough in March of this this year and we had to say goodbye for now.  We miss her so very much and want the amazing spirit of this magical girl to live on by helping other dogs find their happy family.  We also have our little Maggie Mae, a rescue from a shelter in Kentucky and in June we added to our pack.  Little Daisy Chain is a four month old golden retriever who came from a breeding facility in Kansas.  In addition to all of the regular routine vet care a puppy needs, little Daisy (Stormy 17-114) had an umbilical hernia which RAGOM had corrected for her.  Rescue is an amazing thing, but it can't happen without the hearts of volunteers and donations from those who care.  We are so grateful to RAGOM for all they did to get a healthy, spunky girl out of a breeding facility into our pack.  Please join me in supporting RAGOM!  See you at Goldzilla!

ABOUT Goldzilla 2017

Goldzilla—RAGOM's annual Fun Fair and Walk for Rescue—supports our mission of rescuing and rehoming Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes of all ages. Your donation will provide RAGOM dogs with veterinary and foster care on their way to finding adoptive homes. So donate today and join us at Goldzilla to meet the many dogs you help!

Prefer to donate by check? Enter the name of the person you're pledging in the memo line and mail to: RAGOM, 5800 Baker Road, Suite 120, Minnetonka, MN 55345. NOTE: For pledges to be reflected on a walker's fundraising page, checks must be received by Thursday, September 7.

Name Date Amount Comments
Olson Boys 09/13/2017 $25.00  
Jeff Birkholz 09/07/2017 $200.00  
Heidi Altergott 09/05/2017 $20.00 Penny was the neighborhood dog and she spread so much love.
Kim Donohue 09/05/2017 $25.00 We love our pups as you do yours, Tami. What a great cause. Penny will be with you every step of the way!
Anonymous Friend 09/05/2017 $25.00 In honor of all of the loved furry family member we all hold dear
Becka Lyke 09/05/2017 $15.00 Penny was a sweet girl! Even tho we didn't know her long, we miss her little face peeking over the fence!
Sarah Goodlund 08/29/2017 $100.00  
Tammy Hammer 08/14/2017 $50.00 Love sweet Penny and her family!
Tracy Peterson 08/12/2017 $20.00 In memory of Miss Penny ♡♡♡
Kathryn Ann Peterson 08/09/2017 $25.00 Miss you, sweet Penny girl!
  Total $505.00  
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