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Since 2007 I have been a foster volunteer with Retrieve A Golden Of MN and have fostered numerous foster dogs.  Please join us on September 10 at Long Lake Regional Park in New Brighton MN for Goldzilla.  Goldzilla is our annual fundraising event to bring exposure of what all our rescue does for dogs in need.  If I still have my newest foster Iris 17-155 we would love to see you.  Look for us at the Wine Pull.  All donations are greatly appreciated and I will march the first $250.00. Thank You for your support and we hope to see you on Sept. 10 at Goldzilla!

ABOUT Goldzilla 2017

Goldzilla—RAGOM's annual Fun Fair and Walk for Rescue—supports our mission of rescuing and rehoming Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes of all ages. Your donation will provide RAGOM dogs with veterinary and foster care on their way to finding adoptive homes. So donate today and join us at Goldzilla to meet the many dogs you help!

Prefer to donate by check? Enter the name of the person you're pledging in the memo line and mail to: RAGOM, 5800 Baker Road, Suite 120, Minnetonka, MN 55345. NOTE: For pledges to be reflected on a walker's fundraising page, checks must be received by Thursday, September 7.

Name Date Amount Comments
Betty Burns 09/29/2017 $50.00  
Marsha Majewski 09/09/2017 $25.00 Thanks for all you have done for pups like me over the years. - Nicole 13-351
Jennifer Schmitt 09/09/2017 $25.00 The world needs more passionate advocates like you! =)
Patricia Smith 09/09/2017 $100.00 Unfortunately, Marco and I will miss Goldzilla and seeing you this year. Thanks for all you continue to do for our beautiful goldens.
Martha Steele 09/08/2017 $100.00 Thanks, Kelly.
Mike Burns 09/07/2017 $50.00  
Tammy Gertsema 09/07/2017 $20.00  
Brittany Phillips 09/05/2017 $10.00 Thank you so much for all you do!!! We are forever thankful for all you did for Team Reno!!!
Mark & Jennifer Goethke 09/05/2017 $50.00 Thank you for bringing us so much happiness and your amazing with all the work you do to save these special animals.
Doug & Linda Handel 09/04/2017 $50.00 For second chances and new beginnings. Thanks, Kelly!!
Karen Lee 09/04/2017 $50.00 Thank you foster dad!! I miss you, but I am happy you are helping more rescues find their forever homes. You are wonderful. Good luck to Miss Iris.
Deb Werth 09/02/2017 $25.00  
Paul and Mary Trautman 09/01/2017 $50.00 Thanks for all you do for RAGOM Kelly!
Kelly Burns 08/30/2017 $250.00 In memory of Indy and Annie and in honor of all previous RAGOM foster dogs!
Tom and Jan Schwartz 08/30/2017 $200.00 What an awesome group.
Joan Denison 08/17/2017 $50.00 Thank you for all you do!
Barbara Clauson 08/14/2017 $25.00 Thank you for all you do to help the Goldens Kelly!
  Total $1,130.00  
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