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A big part of what makes RAGOM so great is our fosters. I am proud to be a foster mom, and the dogs in the photo I chose this year tell the story of our foster journey so far. From left to right they are our most recent foster, our very first foster, our resident girl, and our foster failure. 

Bobby 16-140 (far left, our most recent foster) really showcases one of RAGOM's biggest strengths: Medical dogs. He had horrible ear infections that eventually required his ear canals to be removed, but as a result of the ongoing infections, he had severe, recurrent infections in his face, and needed two surgeries, many medications, a CT scan, countless vet visits, etc. He eventually healed completely, and found a home with his foster grandparents! We are very lucky to still call him part of our family! 

Odin 13-429 (seccond from left) was our very first foster. He was also a dog with medical needs, and needed surgery to repair a dislocated knee cap. As our first foster, he taught us so much! Though he ended up being rather hard to place because of his knee issues, we eventually found a perfect family for him who loves him so very much, and is very dedicated to his care. We are lucky to be his designated dog sitters, so we can still also call him part of our family a few times a year! As our first foster boy, he really holds a special place in our hearts! 

Lucy (second from right) is our resident girl, the Golden that started it all. She has been a great foster sister to the dogs that have come and gone, and loves her extended doggy family! 

Buddy 15-168 (far right) is our "foster failure"- the boy we never thought would be "the one". We weren't looking for a young dog, or for a mix, but when this two year old lab/hound mix showed up, we knew something was different about him. Lucy fell in love with him first, and foster mom and dad soon followed! He has been with us for three years now, and we can't imagine life without him! 

RAGOM is such a wonderful organization, and we are priveleged to foster and be able to meet so many dogs, all of whom we have loved, and all of whom have taken a bit of our hearts when they drive away with their new family. Please consider supporting us, and help us help more dogs in need! 


ABOUT Goldzilla 2018

Goldzilla—RAGOM's annual Fun Fair and Walk for Rescue—supports our mission of rescuing and rehoming Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes of all ages. Your donation will provide RAGOM dogs with veterinary and foster care on their way to finding adoptive homes. So donate today and join us at Goldzilla to meet the many dogs you help!

Prefer to donate by check? Enter the name of the person you're pledging in the memo line and mail to: RAGOM, 5800 Baker Road, Suite 120, Minnetonka, MN 55345. NOTE: For pledges to be reflected on a walker's fundraising page, checks must be received by Thursday, September 6.

Name Date Amount Comments
Sam Barthelemy 09/06/2018 $75.00 Our golden babies deserve the very best. ❤️
Rutager West 08/24/2018 $50.00 Thanks for being a pal to Tundra
Stephanie Holland Williams 08/20/2018 $100.00  
Kim Nutting 08/19/2018 $50.00  
Jo Ellen Marcotte 08/17/2018 $25.00  
Jilayne Gottsch 08/17/2018 $100.00 Yeah Puppies
Daniel Jennings 08/16/2018 $50.00  
Annette Scheffer 08/16/2018 $20.00  
Kristen Anderson-Raisbeck 08/16/2018 $30.00  
  Total $500.00  
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